Nov 9, 2008

Beginning World Of Warcraft - Early Levels

When you first get started in World of Warcraft, everything about the game is going to seem strange and foreign for you. Luckily, the challenges you face won’t be severe. In the very early stages of World of Warcraft, it’s best to focus on the basics, and attempt to improve your character’s abilities in the game.

Your basic strategy at the very early stages are simple:

  1. Develop your combat skills by facing opponents who are lower down the food chain than you are
  2. Make sure to loot their corpses (right click on their bodies once you kill them). The money and items you get from the corpses of your victims will help your character
  3. Learn all about the WoW interface
  4. Be careful where you go. If you run into a gang of opponents who are stronger than you, you’ll end up dead quick
  5. Have an escape plan in mind when you get jumped
  6. Be patient. Even though the early gameplay is boring, you need the practice
  7. Buy some items. Don’t forget to trade in stuff you don’t need

The main thing to do is relax and get started with the game. If you get killed, it’s not very hard to resurrect yourself, so there’s no need to feel too depressed. In the early stages, you need to develop skills, understand the game, and develop a combat style.

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