Nov 10, 2008

Doing Chess Event in Fresh Instance Solo

Found this cool way to get to the Chess Event (which can be easily soloed) using a fresh instance. Do take note that stealth and wall jumping skills are required for this to work so this pretty much takes out Warriors and all other non discreet classes.

Here is a more text detailed explanation:

Once you have the walljump thing mastered its easy peasy...

You just need to pass 3 mobs, the prince (do it correctly and you wont pull him), a fleshbeast standing still (last mob before prince) and then at the place where he does the second walljump.

It takes like 15-20 mins, even faster if you are really good and I've tried to solo this and it works like a charm...

Now as for the chess event itself:

1. control the king, needed to start the event
2. release king and control conjurer
3. use the conjurers ranged attack to get down the other kings hp
4. the conjurer dies by ranged fire attacks, you will release
5. by this time the other king is around 50%.. he will be healed.
6.The horde king is in front of the alliance king, with one alliance peon defending it.
7. control king, wait till peon dies, kill king
8. loot

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