Nov 10, 2008

New Rare Non-Combat Pet - Captured Firefly

As of Patch 2.1, there is a new non-combat pet called a Captured Firefly. It only drops off the Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh. They are a yellow and blue-grayish wasp that can be found north of Serpent Lake.

I can confirm that the item exists because I went out there and killed wasps for a good 30 minutes everyday for nearly a week and had one finally drop. Please note that the drop rate is extremely low. With a drop rate this low, and an item that is an Outland only monster that you can use without the expansion, this will probably be a nice collector's item and very much sought after. If you happen to get a few, I'm sure you could sell them on the AH for anywhere between 700-1000g.

The animation of this rare pet is fantastic but the sound it makes can be a little on the loud side I must say. Nevertheless... Happy Hunting!

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