Nov 10, 2008

Easy Guide For Epic and Rare Items

To some people this is common sense but to some who are unaware, this is a super extremely easy way to obtain rare, epic items and mount. Here is how to do it in some simple steps.

1. Go to Nagrand and to Haala
Note: do this late or early when nobody is there

2. Hopefully you have a 60+ friend ally or horde

3. Get on your 60+ go right outside of Nagrand

4. If you horde have you ally friend there if your ally have your horde friend there

5. Start killing him (Strip his gear before the fight for an easier kill and less repair bill)

6. Do this 30 times you get blue items.

Do it more and the items just gets better! And at 300, there is a free Tabluck mount or whatever it is called!

Honestly, I did this and managed to decked out my pally and my druid. It is easy to get 30 Haala marks just keep stacking them.

You will also need the 'research tokens' too, you can get them from turning in 20 Oshu'gun crystal powder sample if I'm not mistaken. They drop from mobs all around Nagrand and they tend to drop a little more frequent on those ghost dudes around Oshu'gun.

Downside of this is that you get the marks and you don't control Haala you need a raid or a lot of free time.

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