Nov 10, 2008

Make 1000g+ a day with Jewelcrafting

Adamantite Ore go for an average of 20-30g a stack on my server.

If your a Miner with main or on an alt even better cause more profits for you! But I'm lazy to run around Outlands for veins and I have the gold to buy ore with.

4 chances for a rare gem in each stack. If you even just get 1 rare in chances that stack is already paid for. Rare gems go from 30-50g each on my server Nightseye being the most usually. I've paid 23g for a stack of ores and got 3 rares worth a total of 140g in that one stack. 110g Profit right there. But gotta think there are times all you do get is the dust and nothing else.

Only problem with this guide is the supplies of Adamantite Ore on AH.

But, I spend many 1 hour of my time buying and prospecting Adamantite Ore a day. Usually I save all my gems till I get 10+ of each and send in trade chat Selling in bulk!! Usually you can get a little more then AH prices if you have bulk of the gems.

Prospecting can be trained at Jewelrycraft skill level 20. 5 ores of each WHITE LETTER ore (meaning no silver, gold, etc), can be trained as follows:

Adamantite Ore - 325 Skill
Fel Iron Ore - 275 Skill
Thorium Ore - 250 Skill
Mithril Ore - 175 Skill
Iron Ore - 125 Skill
Tin Ore - 50 Skill
Copper Ore - 1 Skill

Another thing is... each stack will give you 1 Adamantite Dust (4.5g) to the vendor. And usually 1-2 uncommon gems 20g a stack to vendor also.

If you have time and gold to check ah and prospect you can easily make 1000g+ a day doing this and selling the rares.

IMO Don't cut and sell the gems cause you will have to pay deposit fees and you compete with others on the AH. If you put up say a Runed Living Ruby for 55g. Next min someone puts it up for 50g your screwed till that one sells. Waste of time and Deposit fee.

When BC first came out I use to sell cut uncommons for 5-10g each and made 3000g in 2 weeks. Now the cutting business is sorta unstable. Selling of uncut rare gems will always be needed.

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