Nov 9, 2008

World Of WarCraft - Professions - Part One - Overview

World of WarCraft isn’t that different from any place else. You will need to work, if you plan on being able to buy things in the game. And the type of profession you choose will have a lot to do with the type of success you have playing. This guide takes a look at the different WorldofWarCraft professions.

There are two basic professions to choose in from for players of World of WarCraft. They are primary or secondary.

Players can only choose two primary professions, but they may have as many secondary professions as they want.

  1. Cooking
  2. First Aid
  3. Fishing
  4. Herbalism
  5. Jewelcrafting
  6. Mining
  7. Skinning
  8. Alchemy
  9. Blacksmithing
  10. Enchanting
  11. Engineering
  12. Leatherworking
  13. Tailoring

Game play in World of WarCraft will vary based on which profession you choose, so we’ll go over each of your options in a series of upcoming articles.

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