Nov 10, 2008

Boat Farming At Isle of Quel'Danas

Make sure you go during a time when less people are doing their daily's as you can easily chain pull the mobs faster and then kill them. So obviously some classes are better suited than others. It is also very fast paced so you won't get bored quickly... well at least for a few weeks.

The boat location if you choose to swim there can be seen on this map:

With a Fire Mage, I managed to obtain the following in just 1 hour:
260+ netherweave
7 tomes
136 signets
1 blue
5 greens
about 35g in Junk

That is approximately 300 gold per hour on my server. In the course of doing this for several weeks, I've also made a lot more from blue/recipe/formula drops but my average is about 250g/hour at the very least depending on how many people are there as well.

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