Nov 10, 2008

Here are some really good quest rewards I have come across. Please feel free to add to this.

Pls Note:
Level listed is the quest difficulty level, not the actual level required for the quest. Go down two levels for when you should be able to get the quest.

Lvl 65
The Ring of Blood

Lvl 65
Terokk's Legacy

Lvl 68
Nexus-King Salhadaar

Hellfire Peninsula

63 (Group)
Overlord (Alliance version)


Overlord Gorefist

62-63 (Requires friendly with Sporeggar)
Now That We're Friends...


Level 70:
Arconus the Insatiable

Shadowmoon Valley

Level 67:
The Gorefiend Chain

Level 70:
(Gets you nuetral with the Netherdrake faction and has a really nice reward in the end)

Level 70:
The Hand of Gul'dan
Leads to...
The Cipher of Damnation


Level 65 (dungeon):
Brother Against Brother

Level 67:
I See Dead Draenei
Leads to...
Levixus the Soul Caller

Level 72:
Find Spy To'gun
Leads to...
The Soul Devices

The Caverns of Time

Level 70:
The Black Morass
Leads to...
Hero of the Brood

These are just a few I've thought of off-handedly. A few of the quests on here not only give you UBER gear for rewards, but they're in instances, so you have a nice chance at getting more gear out of it, too.

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