Nov 10, 2008

Fastest Isle of Quel'Danas Daily Route Guide

In addition to the earlier post on Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests, today we are going to go through the fastest questing route instead. The following quests should be done in the order shown for the fastest time-saving route to complete your dailies at Isle of Quel'Danas and was made with all classes in mind.

First off, accept all quests and then follow the steps below with a reference map.

1] Do "Arm the Wards!" "Further Conversions" and "Open for Business"

2] Now do "Crush the Dawnblade" and part of "Know Your Ley Lines"

3] Do "The Battle Must Go On" and do the 2nd part of "Know Your Ley Lines"

4] Do "Disrupt the Greengill Coast" "Don't Stop Now..." and do the last part of "Know Your Ley Lines"

5] Now go back to town, then fly and do "Intercept the Reinforcements

6] Now just fly and do "The Air Stikes Must Continue", and then port to Shatt.

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