Nov 10, 2008

Put Your Gold In Safe Keeping

If you tend to spend just as much gold as you make em like me, then this addon is a great way to keep your spending in check. Here is a brief description of it:

DepositBox is an addon that lets you store money in a safe place where you can save up cash without being able to accidentally spend it. You can deposit and withdraw your saved gold using the friendly user interface, just type in the amount you want and press the store or retrieve button.

While money is saved in the DepositBox, it will not show up in your bag or on merchant windows. This means that you can't accidentally spend money that you've stored away.

This gives a nice way to save up for important purchases like your epic mount!

Features include:
Direct Deposit
Bag Threshold
Storage Target
Minimap Button
Money Display
Accountant Compatibility Mode
TitanPanel Enabled
myAddOns Enabled

Download it now from CurseGaming - Download

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