Nov 10, 2008

Farm High End Herbs & Primal Life

First of all, you must be a herbalist, or your friend has to be a herbalist.

Go to Skettis (Southeast in Terrokar Forrest). Around the lake, Talonsworn Forest-Ragers patrol. There are 2 up at a time, and respawn roughly 2-4 minutes after you kill one. They do not drop anything special, but this is where the herbalism comes into play. After you kill them, you can Herb them, which yields the following:

2 sets of 2-4 herbs which can be any of these - Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Mana Thistle, Terocone, Ancient Lichen, and Black Lotus... Yes... Black Lotus.

IT GET'S BETTER! Every time you herb them you also get 2-5 Motes of Life!!! On my server, Motes of life sell for 12-15 gold each. And most of the herbs sell for 20-30g a stack, as well as Black lotus selling for 10-15g each.

These Trees CAN be soloed because they can be stunned / feared, but is very hard if your not ranged. I am a Rogue in full kara / gruul epics and I have a hard time, so i bring along a friend to help. I give him 25% of what i make.

The beauty of this is that you can kill them in 2-3 minutes tops, and they have an extremely fast respawn time for a great farming session!

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